Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taking the Dog Camping

For over 30 years our group of Wisconsin friends has been going for a week of camping at Rock Island State Park off the tip of Door County.   With our children all grown or working, it looks as though our caravan this year may be limited to just my wife, Gunnar and me, a seemingly more manageable total than when our 4 children accompanied us.  I can anticipate the obvious pitfalls, such as coming prepared with enough plastic bags.  We'll need to keep Gunnar on leash a lot, as the island has a lot of poison ivy, so there are definitely areas where he can't be left to his own devices.  Raccoons are the only critter that we have encountered on the island, so we'll have to take care with the dog food.   Other than that, does any one have any suggestions or warnings from your camping experiences?  Gunnar is not a barker, so I don't think we'll have to worry about campground courtesy issues.


  1. hi....bring some skunk stuff, either mix your own there is a great mix the fellow on the skunk issue of nature channel broke down--basically dawn dish soap a couple tablespoons per gallon of water(yes it must be dawn) -a freshly opened bottle of hydrogen peroxide--a cup of baking soda again freshly opened--mix well and soak dog thoroughly --rinse--repeat as needed ---this will break down the thiols or oils that make up the skunk juice---or get the pre made mix from the nature miracle folks...good possibility you will run into skunks at night anywhere camping esp in door county and it can be a deal breaer if you have no way to de-skunk the dog if he gets nailed--or yourself for that matter--and don't listen to the tomato juice folks that is a load of hooooey----also beware of lyme carrying deer ticks if he is not vaccinated for lyme make sure you have tick preventative ---have fun door co is beautiful and many places are dog friendly make sure you check for beaches and parks ahead of time there are some that sloow dogs on certain parts of beach area---egg harbor beach allows dogs on beach and swimming if leashed---coll

    1. Though we've never seen a skunk on the island in 30 years, good advice just the same. Just our luck that the dog would fine them.