Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Little Squirt

Legend holds that a spray bottle can be a useful tool in discouraging certain undesirable behavioiurs in dogs.  Finding myself in the local Menard's store's garden section, I spied a spray bottle for the exorbitant sum of about $1.88.  Gunnar provided the opportunity soon enough to test the bottle, as he started nipping at Mary whilst sitting on her lap.  From that stage forward, just showing the bottle is enough to send the pup scurrying.

Simple, and effective.!

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  1. Better yet, don't show it! The idea is not so much to teach him to stop, but to extinguish the impulse to start! Reward good behavior, and if you need to "correct" him, such as with a sudden, tiny, attention-interrupting "shower," be sure he blames it directly upon his own impulse rather than your intervention. Keep up the creative training!